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Experience the future of medical hiring with MatchMed's pioneering technology. Our advanced match algorithm intelligently connects employers with the most suitable physicians, while natural language search simplifies candidate discovery. Engage directly with potential hires, build trust, and stay ahead of the market with real-time insights. Revolutionize your recruitment process and embrace success with MatchMed.

Discover the MatchMed difference

Advanced Match Algorithm
Utilize a novel match algorithm that gives you a better set of job prospects based on your pre-selected preferences.
Direct Engagement
Reduce time delay in engaging in conversation with your potential physician hire
Natural Language Search
Use natural language queries to find your ideal candidate (i.e. “Find me a glaucoma surgeon who is from the Midwest and can start July 2024”) rather than less efficient hard-filters
Constant Pulse on Market
Keep a constant eye on the candidate market months to years before or after your job post is live


Discover your dream physician effortlessly with our AI-guided natural language querying tool. Experience a personalized hiring process that captures every unique detail, from professional expertise to cultural fit, ensuring the perfect match for your practice. Say goodbye to generic filters and unlock a world of tailored candidate opportunities with our innovative tool.

Why use MatchMed over standard job boards or third-party recruiting firms?


Enhanced Personalization

Our AI-guided search and weighted ranking system ensure highly personalized matches, connecting employers with candidates ideally aligned to their requirements, fostering a more successful and lasting fit compared to traditional job boards or third-party recruiters.

Direct Communication

With our chat function, employers can directly engage with candidates, promoting trust and clear communication, elevating the hiring process above the staggered nature of current approaches.

Sustained Candidate Pipeline

Proactively searching and engaging with top talent well in advance empowers employers to access a diverse and exceptional talent pool, providing a strategic advantage over traditional hiring methods.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, our solution streamlines the hiring process, reducing time-to-hire and eliminating the need for manual screening, saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent with third-party recruiters or public job boards.

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